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Student Creed


1. I intend to use Tang Soo Do to develop myself in a positive manner and I will avoid anything that would limit or reduce my mental growth or my physical health.

2. I intend to develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.

3. I intend to use what I learn in class constructively and defensively to help myself and my fellow man and I will never be abusive or offensive.



Eight Key Concepts of Tang Soo Do


Courage – Young Gi

Concentration – Chung Shin Tong Il

Endurance – In Neh

Honesty – Chung Jik

Humility – Kyum Son

Tension and Relaxation – Shin Chook

Control of Power – Him Cho Chung

Speed Control – Wan Gup



Korean Numbers:  


Ha Na – One


Dool – Two


Set – Three


Net – Four


Da Sot – Five


Yuh Sot – Six


Il Gop – Seven


Yo Dull – Eight


Ah Hope – Nine


Yohl – Ten



10 Articles of Faith on Mental Training


1.  Be loyal to your country; sacrifice yourself for your duty to your country and your people.


2.  Be obedient to your parents; children should be dutiful to their parents and parents should be charitable to their children.


3.  Be loving between husband and wife; love and affection between the sexes develop mankind's happiness and harmony in life.


4.  Be cooperative between brothers; hold together with cooperation and concord.


5.  Be respectful to your elders protect the rights of the weak with courtesy and modesty.


6.  Be faithful between teacher and student.  Learn the truth through practice of duty and affection.


7.  Be faithful between friends.  Be peaceful and happy with harmony and faith towards each other, regardless of race, and towards all mankind.


8.  Face combat only in justice and with honor; be able to distinguish between good and bad with fairness and rightfulness.


9.  Never retreat in battle; sacrifice for justice with capability and bravery.


10. Always finish what you start.  Move to action with sureness and with hope.



To read more about the10 Articles of Faith, visit:


Basic Korean Terminology  


Tang Soo Do

Name of our Art: “The Way of the Empty Hand of China”



Reference to the Chinese dynasty (showing the Chinese influence of our style)



Hand, Empty Hand, or Knife Hand







Kwan Jhang Nim

Grandmaster or Head of Style,

Sa Bom Nim

Master Instructor, 4th Dan and up


Kyo Sa Nim

Certified Instructor, 1st – 3rd Dan



Degree, or holder of a midnight blue belt



Level, grade, or holder of a color belt below the rank of “Dan”


U Dan Ja Nim

Dan Member


U Gup Ja

Gup Member


Sun Beh Nim

Senior Member


Hu Beh

Junior Member


Cho Bo Ja




Sir, Ma’am, or Honorable


In Class:  


Do Jang

Training Hall (studio or school)


Do Bak

Training Uniform





Soo Gi

Hand Techniques


Jok Gi

Kicking or foot techniques





Deh Ryun



Il Soo Sik Deh Ryun

One-Step Sparring


Ja Yu Deh Ryun

Free Sparring


Ho Sin Sul

Self Defense

Choon Shim



Ko Mop Sam Ni Da

Thank you very much

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